Different Apartments styles in Utah

How much are you acquainted with your Utah house or apartment? All apartments in salt lake city Utah are beautiful; nonetheless knowing about your house style in detail will help you if you’re a seasoned buyer or even if you’re searching for your first home.

This article describes the most common architectural styles historically in Utah.

Queen Anne is one of highly famous styles of the Victorian period. It is characterized by square, round and the polygonal towers; asymmetrical plans and facades; a large number of textures and colors and building materials and shingle patterns for decoration on the wall surfaces, as per Historic Architecture of Utah. These buildings have more than one roof styles, and they also consist of vertical windows, balconies, and porches.

Shingle style mainly features large, 2-3 story buildings that have exteriors almost covered completely in the wood shingles. Houses in Utah often feature construction from wood above some stone base, as per Historic Architecture of Utah.

Second Empire apartments are the French-inspired ones. They can be simply identified by the curvilinear or mansard roofs. The mansard roof, which is named after François Mansart, a French architect, is made from quite a steep slope on the lower side and have a flat top almost. Irrespective of the size of the house, if it features mansard roof, then it’s Second Empire. These houses are rectangular or square as well and have the roof dormers as well as wide eaves. They’re similar to the Italian designs and often make use of decorative brackets beneath the eaves.

The Craftsman, this style was popularized by Gustav Stickley, the furniture-maker. It emphasizes on natural materials while the apartments are meant for blending in with a landscape. The Arts & Crafts styled buildings are simple and don’t have much decoration on them. The style emphasized on wood-frame elements of construction for example exposed rafters that are in filled with stucco, purlins, and ridge beams according to the Historic Architecture of Utah. In addition to the half-timbering and uncovered rafter ends, porches columns were also the Arts & Crafts trademark.

According to “House Styles in America”, Colonial Revival has always been the most famous architectural style when it comes to the history of America. During the 1800s and half of 20th century, the builders and architects borrowed as well as revised Cape Cod, English and Dutch styles from the Colonial period of America. This is a practice that continues to the present. Rooflines are more simplified than Queen Anne styles; the Colonial Revivals have been enlarged from small houses that inspired them.

These are different apartments and housing styles that are often implemented in Utah not only in the history but also in present times. One can pick any of these styles which clicks his fantasies and select an apartment to rent or own which features his favorite style.

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